Aubameyang opens up about his first encounter with a gun as a Chelsea player 

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Chelsea striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has revealed his feelings after returning to Arsenal. His old team for the first time as the Blue Lions in the Premier League tonight.

  Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has the chance to jeopardize Arsenal ‘s Premier League title race. As he prepares to face his former club for the first time as a Gabon international star Chelsea. Has enjoyed one of the most goalscoring moments of his career under Mikel Arteta. His four goals against Manchester City and his current UFABET club Contributed greatly to the success of the Gunners’ latest trophy.

Aubameyang opens up about his first encounter with a gun as a Chelsea player 

         After signing a new long-term contract with the latter’s heroic team at Wembley. Aubameyang’s performance continued to deteriorate. As was his relationship with Arteta. And as a result of that disagreement, Aubameyang was eventually frozen up. Ending his contract before he was able to sign for Barcelona in January catalan make. He was sold to Chelsea on the transfer deadline last summer.

          Aubameyang made headlines before he faced his former team in a promotional clip from BT Sport earlier this week when he claimed he was now ‘Blues’, but he insisted he was looking forward to it. Looking forward to a fun game when he will face the manager who put an end to his career at the Gunners. And because they are doing well now, yes, before I’m on the other side . that we will win this game and we play at home So I think it will be really exciting and yes, I’m looking forward to it.” “The big week is coming. And we will try to do everything to make the most of it. The first game was a home game against Arsenal. I think it will be fun for sure.”

  Aubameyang’s disciplinary issues under Arteta led to him being sacked as captain 12 months ago, but he insists he continues to be the kind of player at Chelsea’s youth players. can learn “I always try to give advice. I’m not the type to talk when the camera is on. But I work secretly.” “ The best thing you can do when you’re an experienced player is to make younger players feel comfortable. fully in the dressing room And I try to be as cool as possible. and I was warmly welcomed. So now I’m doing well.”

         One of those youngsters is Armando Broya, who managed to squeeze into the first team this season after spending last season at Southampton And Aubameyang is confident that the striker has everything needed to succeed at the highest level. He added: “We have spoken several times and tried to give him some advice. But I always speak to him when we work in front of goal, for example, remember this is the only chance you have in the game and try to stay in that framework.” “I think this can help him. Other than that I don’t think he needs much because he is very fast, he is strong. And it’s about finishing and always being positive.”