Conte upset fans Kai booed at half-time, reiterating that he is still in the team building

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Antonio Conte, the Tottenham Hotspur boss, didn’t like how fans booed him at half-time following Liverpool’s 2-0 lead, insisting it still takes time to build up the squad. As for the outcome, how much is unfair to his UFABET team?

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte admits  he was disappointed by being booed by fans at half-time. because he was not satisfied with being taken by Liverpool before two goals Until finally losing 1-2 in the English Premier League on Sunday. By reiterating that Still in the process of building a strong team 

Conte upset fans Kai booed at half-time, reiterating that he is still in the team building

The game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Mohamed Salah beat the Reds to lead 2-0 until the macaroni master had to go back to tutoring heavily during halftime before returning to create excitement But only one goal from Harry Kane resulted in their defeat at home in front of their own supporters.

After the game, reporters asked about the boos at half-time from the supporters, to which Conte admitted he wasn’t enjoying it at all. They were fans and they paid tickets to see us. meanwhile If you ask me feel disappointed? (About booing) Yes, because it’s important at every moment and I think I keep repeating that. We just started the team building process. It still takes time.” 

Head coach Kai Spurthong also said that The result of the match was not fair to his team. Especially in the second half that the team pressed into the attack hard. But in the end, not even a single score. But he was also pleased with the reaction. He saw from the players trying to score goals against their opponents. But still not enough

A reporter asked about the latest symptoms of Son Heung-min who underwent surgery on the left eye socket. Will he play in the World Cup in Qatar for the South Korean national team? Conte has confirmed that he is confident he can return to the World Cup. He’s not in the hospital now. he’s back home and is recovering rapidly