De Bruyne fans dive to take penalties but escape VAR

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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has been accused of diving into a penalty. During the Premier League game last night. The Blues slashed to defeat Fulham at the end of the UFABET game.

    Erling Haaland scored a late penalty in Manchester City ‘s 2-1 win over Fulham, and it was the Norwegian striker’s final kick in the game, who had netted. Last night’s Premier League game Pep Guardiola put Haaland on the bench after coming back from injury. And he was sent off in the final 25 minutes alongside Phil Foden as the Blues demanded a winning goal at the Etihad Stadium.

De Bruyne fans dive to take penalties but escape VAR

         And Haaland was able to score his 18th Premier League goal in a remarkable first season for Manchester City thanks to a controversial penalty late in the game when De Bruyne fell. go into the penalty area But the football fans on social media saw it as a play to deceive the referee.  Many people question whether the penalty is the right decision or not? While many don’t think a player like De Bruyne will dive, not many think he falls too easily.

          Fans’ opinions The online world is like “De Bruyne fell! God, why wasn’t VAR watching?”, “De Bruyne’s biggest dive and no one said anything”, “That was a blatant plunge from De Bruyne”, “However. That was a dive from De Bruyne, I love him, but this is a dive”, “De Bruyne dives, but everyone is ok, why?”, “Nobody talks about De Bruyne. Dive down because this is not an Arsenal or Man United player, it’s fair.”

          Guardiola says Manchester United’s 2-1 home win City and Fulham are ‘One of the best experiences’ his team has had at the Etihad. The Spaniard praised his players’ performance, saying: “ The way we played [in 65 minutes] was fantastic, 10 against 11, at the right moment, with more chances. We have more control, our individuality.” “Everyone plays with anger and disappointment for a number of reasons rightly.”

          The City boss continued: “It’s very good, one of the best experiences we’ve had here.” Guardiola admitted his team’s job was made easier by Alex ‘s absence. Sandar Mitrovic, the star of Fulham The results of the competition from this game made the navy blue. Move up to the top of the crowd with just one point ahead of Arsenal. While the artillery will compete tonight. The Spaniard is hopeful his team can continue at this level before the World Cup break.