Frank reveals how Rangers physically attacked Brentford coach

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Thomas Frank, Brentford manager Allegations were made by Nottingham Forest stadium staff of physically assaulting. His goalkeeping coach ahead of the Premier League game at City Ground last night.

as Frank has accused Nottingham Forest in charge of attacking one of his coaches ahead of Brentford’s game at the City Ground yesterday. The incident happened as Frank’s team warmed up ahead of the UFABET game that ended 2-2 with a late own goal by Brentford’s Mathias Jorgensen.

Frank reveals how Rangers physically attacked Brentford coach

          during the warm-up before the game. The Brentford manager accused A home team’s stadium intercepted the warm-up. And attacked goalkeeper coach Manuel ‘Manu’ Sotelo sparking a heated argument By Sotelo. It appeared to be trying to push a staff member with a long digging fork away from the Brentford players.

          Forest concluded in the investigation that groundskeepers had entered. The area of ​​the stadium where the visiting teams were warming up to tell them to leave. Because they claim Brentford violated Premier League rules regarding. The length of time a team can stay in the penalty area during warm-ups. Frank later explained that Sotelo previously worked for. Forest as the retaining coach under Aitor Garanga was injured during the incident.

          “Yes, he got a wound, something wounded him and I saw the picture. ” I’m not an angel all the time and I’m trying to be as calm as possible. But my goalkeeper coach is the most down-to-earth. There must be something that really pisses him off.” “I just hope everyone can see it, there must be a camera.”

          The 49-year-old went on to explain that he had never seen anything like it during his tenure. “But all my time in football and especially all the time in the Premier League, I’ve never seen a stadium attendant walking in the middle of our warm-ups . But it surprised me a lot.” Steve Cooper, manager of the forest, chose not to comment on the events that took place after the game.