Keane was assaulted by a Gunners fan but Richards helped protect him

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Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane was attacked by a fan during the Arsenal-Red Devils game last night. Micah Richards stepped in to protect the hero.

 Last night Roy Keane and Micah Richards were involved in a heated argument. A fan which has been investigated by police. Footage of the altercation that took place during the big match between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium has been widely shared online. Both former footballers and now football analysts are part of Sky Sports  ‘ coverage.

Keane was assaulted by a Gunners fan but Richards helped protect him

          But Richards , 35, and Keane , 52, have found themselves at the center of events outside of their TV duties. A viral photo on Twitter shows Richards was carrying a black backpack. Snatched the shirt collar of a man who was accused of attacking Keane. Mail Sport reports that the 52-year-old former Manchester United captain was confronted by a man on the ยูฟ่าเบท floor. At the top of the West Stand as he waited for a lift to take him down to the sidelines. The man is said to have targeted Keane. and headbutted the former Irishman in the chest and chin.

          However, the fan was prevented from causing serious physical harm to the Manchester United legend. In the video taken by an eyewitness. A man wearing a suit tried to separate the couple. before Keane shouted something inaudible. This happened shortly after Alejandro Carnacho scored what was initially thought to be the winning goal for Manchester United in the 88th minute. Keane and Richards , working with the former player, Arsenal star Theo Walcott went into the studio to see what was going on. Carnacho’s goal was eventually canceled after a VAR review following a clash with the fan. Keane was eventually taken down to the touchline where he was able to continue broadcasting.

 Police confirmed they are investigating. A Sky Sports spokesperson said a spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed an investigation had begun. And a statement came out saying “Police are investigating an assault that allegedly occurred at Emirates Stadium during the Arsenal v Manchester United game on Sunday, September 3.”

          Of course, Keane has a lot of history with Arsenal. During much of his time as Manchester United captain, Keane came face-to-face with Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira. As the two sides compete for the Premier League title, he has previously spoken about His ‘hate’ for the north London club “I really hate Arsenal because they are our main rivals,” he said in 2013. “I can’t think of another word that popped into my head when I was fighting Arsenal. Hate is the word. Normally when you play football there are one or two people you like, but I don’t remember ever liking anyone at Arsenal.