Pique reveals why he hung up boots while saying goodbye in tears

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Gerard Pique, the defender of Barcelona Revealed the reason. Why he had to hang up his boots during the farewell speech to the fans In the final match at Camp Nou yesterday.

 Gerard Pique says now is the right time to ‘make space’ for Barcelona. During his farewell address at Camp Nou yesterday. Earlier this week, the 35-year-old made a surprise announcement of his retirement and his final appearance for the club came yesterday in their win over Almeria. 2-0 Pique will be one of the most successful players in Barca history. He helped the club win 15 trophies during his time at Camp Nou. Including eight La Liga titles and three Champions League titles. Pique insists he will return to Barcelona with some mission in the future.

Pique reveals why he hung up boots while saying goodbye in tears

          The season’s heaviest supporters saw Pique depart after 616 games in 15 seasons at Barcelona ​tearful. As he was substituted in the 82nd minute, and again when he picked up the microphone after the match in front of a crowd. The stadium is full of 92,605 people. There is only half the UFABET season left in the current state of the stadium before the renovation. But for Pique no more. He may have been involved in Barcelona’s final game before breaking for football away to Osasuna. But he won’t be playing at the stadium again. He was thrown into the air by his teammates after the final whistle and he kissed the crowd as they thanked the crowd as they sang his name.

     With tears in his eyes at the Camp Nou, Pique said: “Good evening everyone, first of all, before I leave you and say thank you. I want to thank all my teammates and staff, physiotherapists, doctors, everyone in the gym, everyone who took care of us, everyone who helped us every day. To make things easier, thank you to the board over the years.” “In life as you get older, There are some things where loving them is difficult when you have to leave them or let them go.”

          “It was a very loving and passionate relationship to play for Barça. I think this is the time to make room for each other.” “I think it’s time to part ways and I believe that in the future I will be back here.” “This is not goodbye. I left at 17 because I thought we needed to split up and I had to grow up. I want to tell you that Most of you know that I have been a member of the club since the day I was born. I was born here and I will die here.”

          Barcelona defender Jordi Alba has spoken about Pique’s decision to retire after the game: “I feel sorry I am grateful for everything he has given us all.” “He has done a lot for the club. In the end it was a pity. His absence will become the focus. not just in football but also in terms of human beings It’s the law of life.” “He left his soul in every game. An important piece of the dressing room is leaving. We will miss him very much. People are aware of everything he has to offer Barcelona. We have to try to win a lot. Let’s dedicate it to him.” It’s a very difficult game. It was a difficult and different day.’