Why Ten Hag & Bruno had a problem with Carnacho in pre-season

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Reveals the reason why Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag and midfielder Bruno Fernandes of the team. There was a problem with Alejandro Carnacho during the team’s pre-season.

Erik ten Hag and Bruno Fernandes are reportedly unhappy with Alejandro Carnacho’s conduct during Manchester United ‘s pre-season. After He was late for two meetings. But the 18-year-old was impressive and netted the winner for the Red Devils in their 1-0 victory over Real Sociedad in the Europa League on Thursday. 3 November 2022, but the winger must wait for the opportunity to play in the first team of Manchester. His United is quiet. 

Why Ten Hag & Bruno had a problem with Carnacho in pre-season

           Speaking of Manchester United’s victory on Thursday Fernandes surprised supporters with his candid assessment of Carnacho’s attitude during the club’s pre-season tour. “At the beginning of the season he wasn’t at his best, on the [pre-season] tour he didn’t have the best attitude. And that’s why he hasn’t been given a chance until now.” “He was given a chance because he trained better. He had a different attitude. And he deserves a chance.”

Ten Hag also addressed Carnacho’s disciplinary issues. After showing form as a man of the match in the game against the Sheriff team the week before. “I think it’s a good performance for him,” the Manchester boss said. United said “He did what I expected him to do. He deserves a chance.” “The start of the season was difficult for him. I’m not happy with him But last week I was happy for him, better attitude, more flexibility, more determination . They must know that the laws And what is the claim in elite football? You have to meet high standards every day.”

           It is understood there have been some concerns about Carnacho’s attitude. After he joined Manchester United’s academy two years ago from Atletico Madrid minor details such as appearances. An unlaced trainer. But Ten Hag made it clear from the start that he was determined to cultivate more discipline. and late UFABET team meetings will not be accepted.

           According to The Times , Ten Hag and Fernandes refer to Carnacho’s two late team meetings, while. The Athletic reported this week that Carnacho’s habit of training Practicing without laces is another example of his lack of professionalism. Carnacho’s shifting attitude has given him more opportunities in the first team at United and it is understood. Ten Hag is now undisputed with the winger’s behavior.