Is “fish skin” beneficial to health? Is it good to eat often?

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Crispy fried fish skin or crispy baked fish skin An appetizer that many people love. Because it’s both crispy and delicious. But…have we ever wondered if the fish skin that we’re eating these days, should we really eat it? Or will eating it cause any negative effects on your health ? If you are in doubt, Let’s find the answer together with Hello Doctor in this article.

Is "fish skin" beneficial to health? Is it good to eat often?

Can we eat “fish skin”?

Fish skin is the outermost part of the fish after the scales have been removed. This is the part that depends on personal likes and dislikes. Because some people like to eat fish skin. But some people don’t like it. And the reasons for liking or disliking are often different.

However, the question may arise: And can fish skin be eaten? Will it be dangerous after eating? First of all, it must be mentioned that fish meat is a source of important nutrients for the body, including protein and beneficial fatty acids. Including many essential vitamins and minerals. Which of course Like fish meat, fish skin is rich in beneficial nutrients. But it may be in a smaller amount than fish meat.

In addition to beneficial nutrients Things that may be contaminated in fish meat and fish skin are various toxins. both from the fish’s habitat From fish trading or export sources that may cause toxic contamination But…if the fish meat and fish skin have been washed and cleaned well. and through the proper cooking process We can eat both fish meat and fish skin safely.

Benefits of fish skin

Both fish meat and fish skin are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body. But different types of fish may provide different nutrients. In most cases, regardless of the type of fish, both fish meat and fish skin tend to provide nutrients that are similar in health benefits as follows.

  • protein
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • iodine
  • selenium
  • Taurine 

Which is of course from this nutritious food. It will help promote good health, such as

  • Protein will help build muscle mass and increase energy. 
  • Omega 3 fatty acids will also help maintain heart health. Enhances the functioning of the nervous system and brain
  • Vitamin D helps enhance calcium absorption in the body. Makes bones and teeth strong
  • Iodine helps strengthen the function of thyroid hormones. Reduce the risk of goiter.

In addition to the nutritional value Nowadays, we can still see the medical use of fish skin to heal and relieve burn wounds. Based on the results of an experiment by Dr. Jamie Peyton, head of integrated medical services at the University of California, It was inspired by a team of researchers in Brazil who started using tilapia skin to treat burns.

Dr. Jamie therefore experimented with using tilapia skin to treat burns in a bear that had been burned. And after testing It was found that fish skin was effective in reducing or relieving the pain of wounds. Nile tilapia skin has a process of transferring collagen to heal wounds. It also gave positive treatment results and helped wounds heal faster than expected.

However, the benefits of fish skin for use in the medical field still require further research and study of its benefits. So that in the future fish skin can be widely used for medicinal purposes. And of course, the process of healing wounds in this way. Should be treated only through a medical professional. Can’t do it yourself at home

How to cook delicious and healthy fish skin

In general, fish skin can be cooked in a variety of ways, whether it’s fried or grilled, to get a crispy texture. Many people like to cook fish skin by frying. Because it’s both crispy and crispy. And the flavor comes from the seasonings that are fermented or mixed into the fish skin.

It can also be boiled or steamed to get a soft texture. Many people like it because it gives a smooth taste. But many people may not like the fish skin when boiled or steamed. It feels slippery, sticks to the teeth, or has a taste that isn’t as satisfying as it should be.

However, no matter how you cook fish skin, The important thing is cleanliness. Fish skin must be washed thoroughly to prevent toxins from remaining. You also need to be careful about condiments that are high in sodium. Especially the fish skin that is fried. Because there is often a lot of sodium in seasonings. This may cause the body to accumulate sodium in high amounts. If it is cooked with too much salt or sodium, or eating fish skin that has been cooked with too much sodium