10 good benefits of “Coriander” that may make you want to eat more

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Now, no matter which social media, I see people talking about the trend. “Coriander Fever” or the Japanese coriander frenzy Vegetables that don’t seem to matter Does not have its own main menu Can only be used as a supporting ingredient in many dishes and has been compared to a Thai proverb that “Sprinkled Coriander” is doing something casually, sending, pasting, and showing only the front. That means that in our country, cilantro is just a vegetable that is not very important to the main dish.

10 good benefits of "Coriander" that may make you want to eat more

But in Japan, “cilantro” has become a vegetable that many people like very much. Eat in bunches (although coriander in their homes is not as cheap as in our homes), even with a Japanese boy band singer singing. “Coriander Heaven” (Heaven = Heaven) by conveying the Japanese people’s craze for coriander.

From the heavy coriander fever trend Therefore, in Japan, there are restaurants that are famous for their menus with coriander as the main ingredient. It’s not just a garnish like our country. a bunch of coriander There are also restaurants where the entire store only sells dishes that include coriander as an ingredient. In addition, the coriander menu It has also become the menu of the year in Japan (2016), clearly reinforcing the trend of Japanese people’s love for coriander.

If talking about taste It might be a really individual thing. Some people may like Some people may not like it, like “Durian” in our country that people like it very much. But those who don’t like it hate it. because the taste and smell are intense and is truly unique. But if talking about the benefits of “cilantro” together, I would like to say that there are so many that you may have to turn crazy about coriander like the Japanese.

nutrients in coriander

– Vitamin A

– *Vitamin B

– Vitamin C

– iron

– beta-carotene

– calcium

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Good benefits of “cilantro”

1. Reduce blood sugar It is suitable for patients with diabetes and those who are losing weight.

2. Prevent colds

3. Relieve thirst

4. Against various pathogens in the intestines

5. Help expel gas in the stomach

6. Contains Antioxidants Reduces the risk of cancer

7. It is a mild laxative. It helps excrete more fluently.

8. Solve dizziness

9. Eye care

10. Stimulates blood work and muscles

Although coriander has a unique smell that is quite pungent. But don’t worry. The smell of coriander is said to be excreted through the urine. If you do not eat in excess. It won’t make you stink like many people may have heard for sure. but still To seriously turn to eat coriander in bulk should not eat too much Because no matter what kind of food is good If you eat too much, it’s a penalty.